Curved Roads has a strong group of production-experienced people with excellent credits behind them.  Having an Indian crew makes financial and logistic sense as the technical and creative quality of domestic film crews has greatly improved.  Additionally, because of the strength of our script, we’ve recruited top-notch people with international co-production experience.


Brief Bios:

Yatin Parkhani - Writer / Director/ Editor / Producer

Yatin Parkhani is a short format director and TV editor with a strong indie film background. In New York, Yatin’s worked on several features -- in production, sound design and post supervision.  Shooting motorsports for NASCAR gives him an expertise vital to Curved Roads’ production. He’s edited and produced promos and segments for, among others, the Rosie O’Donnell Show, CBS, BET, NASCAR, and MTV.

Navein Shetty – Producer

As a senior colorist of 4 years, Navein Shetty colors many of Bollywood's biggest films at Muktha Arts and now Prime Focus (where he focuses on DI).  This experience, combined with 3 years of grading at Adlabs, has helped him cultivate meaningful contacts with the Indian film industry's biggest players. 
Having consulted with various DoPs and Producers on looks in pre-production, Navein brings his unique pre-pro vision and post expertise to the producing team, ensuring Curved Roads a dramatic eye-catching look and flawless post-production work-flow.

Our line producer, Anjali Panjabi was AD on Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding and Kama Sutra, as well as on some of Bollywood cinema’s top blockbusters like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.  Anjali has AD’ed and produced across India and has successfully dealt with trying conditions on various A-list feature, commercial, and documentary shoots.


Our DP, Rafey Mehmood was a camera man on 2001 Oscar-nominated Lagaan.  Rafey bridges the world of top-notch Indian independent films (Raghu Romeo – 2003 Locarno Film Festival) and studio projects.  Additionally, he’s DP’ed American films in the US and understands Western aesthetic sensibilities.


Shiamak Davar is one of Bollywood’s most creative and successful choreographers.  He’s choreographed some of the 90’s biggest hits (Dil To Pagal Hai, Taal, DDLJ) and heads India’s most professional dance troupe.  He is very selective about projects, only doing a film every couple years.  He has chosen Curved Roads.


Giles Khan mixed Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner ‘Personal Velocity’ and is currently on location for Vanessa Redgrave’s epic film ‘The Keeper: the Legend of Omar Khayyam.’  Giles has worked extensively in the US and India and understands sound like few Indians do (sync sound is a relatively new phenomenon in Indian cinema).




Directors:                     Yatin Parkhani

Screenplay:                 Yatin Parkhani

Producer:                      Navein Shetty

Line Producer:              Anjali Panjabi (AD - Monsoon Wedding, Kama Sutra, etc.)

Cinematography:           Rafey Mehmood (Camera operator – Lagaan (Oscar-nominated), DP – Two Rivers, Haasil, Raghu Romeo (Locarno Film Festival))

Choreography:              Shiamak Davar (Choreographer – Dil To Pagal Hai, Taal, DDLJ)

Production sound:         Giles Khan (Personal Velocity (Sundance Winner), The Keeper: the Legend of Omar Khayyam)

Casting (India):              Loveleen Mishra (City of Joy)

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