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Beyond Maya Productions is an independent company that has a strong group of production-experienced people with excellent credits behind them.  We have ready a good prospective Indian road trip feature film: Curved Roads.

Combining Bend It Like Beckham’s vibrant characters, Monsoon Wedding’s setting and Y Tu Mama Tambien’s youthful energy  (and targeted at similar audiences), Curved Roads tells the story of 3 poster children of globalization in a fast-paced chase along Indian roads full of Orwellian technology parks, Bollywood musical sets, and ancient subcultures. It offers intriguing glimpses into the vast world our principals pass through. Integrating epic panoramas within a decidedly intimate story gives audiences the best of both worlds. It is tight comedy-drama whose depth pleasantly sneaks up on you.

With an established India co-producer, we have a trusted team we’ve worked with before. And with commitments from Ravi Kapoor (Crossing Jordan - NBC) to play the lead, Anjali Panjabi (A.D. Monsoon Wedding) to line produce and Shiamak Davar (choreographer – Dil To Pagal Hai) doing our film-in-a-film Bollywood numbers, we’re off to a good start.

With our experience, connections and an A-list support team already established in India, production costs become very low.  We can mount an international caliber production within a very modest budget.  This, combined with excellent production values and multiple revenue streams, helps ensure a profitable return on investment.

We are looking for a co-producer for finance and distribution support in North America and Europe. For more information and a detailed business plan, please email info@beyondmaya.com